European Union plans $23 billion

The European Union is working on a 20 billion-euro ($22.7 billion) financing package to support African transport networks, as well as energy, digital, education and health projects to counter China’s reach in the continent. Member states, however, have yet to commit to financing the infrastructure plans, according to officials familiar with theContinue Reading

FIFA launches Talent Development

FIFA has launched an innovative FIFA Talent Development Scheme (TDS), offering bespoke assistance to member associations (MAs) to help them achieve their full potential and continuing the measures taken to reduce the disparity in the level of football between different regions of the world. TDS is part of FIFA’s collaborative work with MAsContinue Reading

US govt, 48 states sue Facebook for abusing power to crush smaller rivals

By Administrator_India Capital Sands The US government and 48 states have filed parallel lawsuits against Facebook, accusing the social media giant of anti-competitive conduct by abusing its market power to create a monopoly and crushing smaller competitors. Soon after the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and 48 state attorney generals on Wednesday sued the company,Continue Reading