US Election 2020: Donald Trump denies report that he would declare poll victory early, indicates gearing up for legal battle

By Administrator_ India Capital Sands US President Donald Trump denied that he is planning to prematurely declare victory after the presidential polls are over on Tuesday, but hinted that he is gearing up for a legal battle post the election. “No, no that was a false report,” Trump told reportersContinue Reading

US Election 2020: Donald Trump runs the kind of campaign he likes, but not the one he might need

By Administrator_ India Capital Sands In public, President Donald Trump and his campaign team project a sense of optimism and bravado. When they meet with Republican donors and state party leaders, presidential aides insist they are fully capable of achieving a close victory over Joe Biden on November 3. On television and in campaignContinue Reading

US Elections 2020 | Vice presidential debate takeaways: COVID-19 pandemic looms over a more civil fight

BY Administrator_ India Capital sands In normal times, vice presidential debates don’t matter much. But in an election year as wild as 2020, everything is magnified. Vice President Mike Pence on October 7 faced considerable pressure to boost coronavirus-stricken President Donald Trump’s flagging re-election hopes as he trails in national and battleground state polls. CaliforniaContinue Reading