Remdesivir close to EU’s initial authorisation as COVID-19 treatment

Remdesivir close to EU's initial authorisation as COVID-19 treatment

By Administrator_India

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The head of the European Union’s medicines agency Guido Rasi said on Monday an initial authorisation for U.S. pharmaceutical company Gilead’s remdesivir as a COVID-19 treatment could be granted in coming days.

The European Medicines Agency  has already recommended the compassionate use of remdesivir, which allows a drug to be administered to patients even before it has been fully authorised.

“It might be that a conditional market authorisation can be issued in the coming days,” Rasi told a hearing in the EU Parliament in Brussels.

Apart from remdesivir, Rasi said other possible treatments against COVID-19 that may be available fast are those based on monoclonal antibodies, which can “neutralize” the new coronavirus that causes the illness COVID-19.

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